Lost 20 Pounds!*

Elizabeth H.,

I am a 38 year old woman who has suffered from severe stress and cardiac problems. My doctor told me to lose weight. Over the years my weight had climbed up to 233 pounds. I was eating 4-course meals and had hunger attacks at night. I tried many diets and weight loss products that are shown on TV. Nothing worked. I was frantic. I was caught in a vice between medical problems that led to inactivity and a growing weight problem that I could not control. I was worried that I might die from heart disease or from carrying too much weight. It felt like I was cursed with poor health.

My neighbor suggested that I join Dr. Scheele's weight loss trial to lose my unwanted weight and get into shape for surgery. Dr. Scheele explained that Factor4 would not only stimulate weight loss but would improve my health in many other ways as well. He explained that Factor4 would improve my health in the eight major health systems of the body. I was very grateful that Dr. Scheele would take the time to help me consider my overall health in relation to my medical problems. As a result I took factor4 shakes before every meal and used Factor4 to replace nighttime snacks. I also used Factor4 to replace one meal per day.

Initially I lost 12 pounds and by 24 weeks I had lost 20 pounds. I was amazed that Factor4 would take off weight because my medical conditions had severely limited my body activity. I was so happy that the weight came off so that my risk profile for disease and aging could improve and allow me to live a normal life. After all I am only 38 years old. I feel so much better now, I am hopeful that my life will continue to turn around and get me back to health and happiness.


  • Lost 20 pounds. BMI decreased to toward normal.
  • Hunger pangs abolished. Food swings controlled. Desire for fast food abolished.
  • Hair stronger and thicker. Hair loss dramatically decreased.
  • Increased muscle relaxation and improved sleep.
  • Body strength increased. Walking improved. Feels younger.


  • Lost 18 Pounds!*

    • Helped her control her food swings
    • Helped her control her sugar cravings
    • Helped to curb her medical ailments
  • Lost 35 Pounds!*

    • No cravings
    • Body now in better shape
    • Could not ask for more
  • I lost 30 lbs!*

    • This product has been amazing!
    • I am so glad that I found this
    • The shakes are tasty too

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