Lost 17 Pounds!*

Hale G.,

Hale GI have had a weight problem all my life. I guess it is mostly due to the good life that I enjoy here in California. The stress of being a salesman and eating on the road has added so many pounds that, over a twenty year period, my weight increased to almost 250 pounds. I love to play golf and in the early days a few rounds of golf seemed to keep the weight off. However, as I accumulated years I also accumulated unwanted weight. The shape of my body also changed in ways that were not flattering. I lost that taught, confident body that I had as a young man.

Out of desperation I joined Dr. Scheele's weight loss study but initially had little confidence that anything would work. As I began to drink power shakes and fruit smoothies I began to feel better and my clothes began to fit better. So immediately I knew I was onto something good.

Well, I initially lost 10 pounds and within 6 months a total of 17 pounds. I feel stronger and have considerably more stamina and endurance, particularly on the golf course. I did not engage in any additional exercise and, aside from taking Factor4 power shakes and smoothies, my diet has remained little changed. As the weight disappeared my confidence returned and my physique now makes me look 20 years younger. I also feel younger and have decided to start my own business. Honestly, I have to say that Factor4 Weight Control is the only way that I can lose significant weight that does not demand extreme changes in lifestyle, something that I am just not prepared to do.

I tried to stop taking Factor4 but began to slowly accumulate weight again. Dr. Scheele explained that once unwanted weight was lost, that I needed to engage in a maintenance regime of two power shakes per day. Thank goodness there is a way to keep those extra pounds off and still maintain my non-compromising lifestyle!


  • Lost 17 pounds. BMI reduced to normal range.
  • Factor4 substituted for snacks and food cravings disappeared. By making smoothies with different fruits, variety was added to my diet.
  • Definite increase in pep, energy and outside activity, particularly on the golf course.
  • Body strength increased with increased endurance.
  • Dramatic improvement in digestion and complete disappearance of acid reflux.
  • Factor4 is the only pleasurable way for me to lose weight and keep it off.


  • Lost 27 Pounds!*

    • Eliminated increased energy
    • Stopped binge eating
    • Decreased her BMI
  • Lost 50 Pounds!*

    • Fibromyalgia symptoms significantly descreased
    • Improved her life 80%
    • Now able to take a new job
    • Overjoyed with loss of body aches
    • Much more energy
    • No cravings
  • Lost 20 Pounds!*

    • Diabetes improved
    • Fasting blood sugar down by 30%
    • Insulin requirements decreased
    • Appetite reduced
    • Energy increased

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