Lost 25 Pounds!*

Susan P,

Susan PAt age 63 I have lived most of my life being overweight. In the mid thirties, I began to gain unwanted weight. I gained substantially more weight in my mid 40s. On my way home from work I would stop at a fast food chain and basically "pig-out." Once menopause happened in my early 50s I thought I had no chance to ever lose weight again. Not because I did not try to lose weight. Over the past 20 years I have tried more than 30 diets and more than 6 weight loss medications. I really felt like a "dope" trying every diet that appeared in the book stores or in women's magazines. The diets I have tried over the years would just make you laugh, except I was not laughing, inside I was crying. Most of the weight accumulated on my thighs and hips. I had cellulite. It was necessary for me to buy a size 14 skirt. Even though I was rather short at 5 feet 2 inches, my weight had climbed almost up to 170 pounds. Sometimes I would lose a few pounds of weight with one of the popular diets, but I found them too complicated, too boring, too repetitive and too restricting to allow me to live a life of happiness. For the past 10 years, I had come to believe that my situation was hopeless.

Then one of my male friends suggested that I join in the Factor4 weight loss study. I was very skeptical thinking, "Here we go again." Following the instructions I took Factor4 power shakes and smoothies before every meal and began to replace one meal daily. I also used the shakes to replace nighttime hunger attacks.

Wow! Was I surprised when Factor4 began to work its magic. With very little effort, no additional exercise and few changes to my diet, my body fat began to disappear. As I gained increases in body pep, energy and activity, my clothes began to fit better and my body fat percentage began to decrease. I lost 13 pound in the first several months. By the end of 6 months I had lost 25 pounds. But even better I lost the extra weight in the thighs, almost 5 inches in thigh size, 4 inches in the hips and almost 7 inches in waist size. My skirt size has decreased from size 14 to a size 6! Hooray, Hooray, Hooray! When my friends let me know that they could notice real weight loss from my thighs, tummy and hips, I was ecstatic!

And the best news is that Factor4 is so good and easy to take. Instead of submitting to my hunger pangs or food cravings, I now take a power shake or smoothie. Within a couple of minutes my hunger pangs are entirely satisfied, my voracious appetite is satisfied and I get a feeling of comfort and well-being, just like Dr. Scheele had promised. I can replace meals with Factor4 and never feel hungry. It is a dream come true. I am so thankful for Factor4. After a lifetime of suffering from overweight problems, I suddenly feel young again and have the confidence to take on anything I want to do and feel good about my appearance in public.


  • Lost 25 pounds. BMI decreased well into the normal range. Large decreases in size of waist, hips thighs and arms.
  • Lost cellulite and fat globules on hips and butt.
  • Factor4 shakes and smoothies block hunger attacks, food cravings and famished states.
  • Amazing increases in pep and energy as well as stamina and endurance.
  • Dramatic relief of stress and better sleep patterns.
  • Natural shift from low-quality to high-quality foods.
  • Has developed a natural aversion to fast foods


  • Lost 26 Pounds!*

    • Dramatically reduced his appetite
    • Increased his energy and enjoyed sports more
    • Decreased his arthritis pains
  • Lost 17 Pounds!*

    • Reduced his BMI
    • Experienced an increase in energy strength and endurance
    • Experienced better digestion and less acid reflux
  • Lost 20 Pounds!*

    • Reduced hunger pangs and food swings
    • Experienced better sleep
    • Experienced increased energy during the day

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