Lost 35 Pounds!*

Dr. Blackwell,

I am a doctor who specializes in internal medicine and has a large practice in one of the major cities in the United States. Even though I am still relatively young at age 52, I have been plagued by weight disorders for the past 20 years. Eventually my weight increased to almost 250 pounds, despite my height of 5 foot 4 inches. High cholesterol levels necessitated that I take Lipitor. Even though I wanted to lose 40 pounds, none of the diets I tried were helpful or pleasant. Because of my busy medical practice, I never had time for exercise.

A woman friend of mine told me about Dr. Scheele's Factor4 Weight Control product. She reminded me about Dr. Scheele's career in medical research at top medical centers in the US and the scientific achievements that he has accomplished in his lifetime. Indeed these accomplishments are awe inspiring. Because of his distinguished career in medicine and his reputation as a brilliant creative mind, I took my friend's suggestion and ordered my first container of Factor4.

The Factor4 power shake immediately tasted delicious. I initially recognized that Factor4 reduced appetite and increased my pep, energy and stamina. Being highly motivated I began to take Factor4 power shakes 4 times a day as Dr. Scheele suggested in the instruction package. Further, I used Factor4 to replace one meal a day, usually lunch. Amazingly, the Factor4 shakes held me until dinner. Within the first three weeks I lost 15 pounds. Within the first month, I lost 18 pounds. The size of my white medical coat decreased from size 46 to size 42. My cholesterol was marginally high at 210 to 220 on Lipitor. Once I lost initial weight I stopped taking this drug because of the known side effects on liver and muscle. Without Lipitor, but still on Factor4, my cholesterol levels dropped to 163. I was ecstatic.

After 6 months I have lost 35 pounds and have changed my entire wardrobe. Most of my patients cannot believe how much weight I have lost. I look and feel so much better. I feel like I have regained the energy of youth. I no longer snack on ice cream, cakes and cookies. Somehow, Factor4 made me lose my sweet tooth and my interest in high fat foods as well. I have now referred a number of my patients to Dr. Scheele for the Factor4 treatment of overweight disorders and obesity. Most of these patients have done exceedingly well on the Factor4 regimen, leading to significant losses in unwanted weight. In addition, I have recorded decreases in blood pressure, serum cholesterol, blood sugar and assays for body inflammation.

Based on my own personal experience as well as the experience of a number of my patients, I am happy to report that Factor4 Weight Control is a very effective "medical gift" to the world. Thank you, Dr. Scheele, for taking the time to introduce this particularly effective treatment of weight disorders and chemical imbalances.


  • Lost 35 pounds. BMI returned to the normal range.
  • Factor4 blocked cravings for ice cream, cakes and cookies.
  • Decreased blood pressure, cholesterol, sugar and indices of body inflammation.
  • Regained the energy of youth.
  • Return of feelings of health and well-being.
  • Replaced wardrobe and medical coat.
  • Referred numerous patients to www.factor4weightcontrol.com.


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