Lost 33 lbs.*

Michael Hollingsworth,

  • I am 62 years old and have been overweight for the past 15 years.
  • I tried lots of different weight loss programs & products with no luck.
  • Then I found F4 and started in June 2014. One month passed no weight loss but I could tell that the priming had begun.
  • I had more energy, was sleeping better than ever before and started doing situps in the morning and lifting weights in the evening.
  • The weight loss began during the 2nd month. In 4 months total I have lost 33 lbs and am looking forward to losing another 20. I have 3-4 shakes a day (3-4 scoops with 16 oz of Arizona Green Tea) Replacing breakfast and lunch and having a normal meal for dinner.
  • I can't believe it! I have gone from 293 lbs to 260 lbs. Gone are the pains in both knees and back pain every morning.
  • I have no hunger pangs and have lost the desire to have my daily 2+ cups of coffee every morning just to get going.
  • I am amazed! Thank You!

  • Lost 48 Pounds!*

    • No cravings and eating less
    • Feeling better with increased energy
    • Looking better too...younger
    • Beginning to turn heads again
  • Lost 30 Pounds!*

    • Factor4 has alleviated my Fibromyalgia
    • Previously bed-ridden
    • Now active and stretching
    • F4 has given me my life back
  • Lost 35 Pounds!*

    • No cravings
    • Body now in better shape
    • Could not ask for more

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