I lost 26 lbs.*

Judith Grimes,

A low carb diet is working for me.  Not no carb but low.  Just changed what I had as side dishes and leave off the bread and potatoes, etc.  So far I have lost 26 pounds and love the change. I have 3 scoops of Factor 4 in the morning and try to have one shake at night. 


My 90 year old mom loves the Jell-O side dishes and one she has made for years is one package of lemon Jell-O (sugar free) one package of lime Jell-O (sugar-free), put both packages in a bowl with 2 cups boiling water, and blend with mixer till dissolved, add one 8 oz. package of room temperature cream cheese and blend till smooth.  I put this in a glass bowl and add pecans or walnuts and chill in the refrigerator.  This is just a side Jell-O salad. 

My favorite ice cream was always either lime sherbet or orange sherbet.  I had about half left and thought this would be good ice cream so whipped a little cream plus a couple of drops of vanilla and mixed it all back up and froze.  Have had a few small bowls at night and Love it.

This morning I thought how about adding my Factor4 shake to Jello-O mix to produce an Orange Julius which is a drink that was real popular when I was younger. 

So good.  Can’t wait to make an orange one now. 


I have suffered from obesity and type-2 diabetes for over 20 years and the extra weight has led to degenerative disk disease in my lower back and generalized arthritis.

In Dr. Scheele’s book, The Obesity Cure, he says when you have a spike in blood sugar your body uses carbs and holds on to fat stores. When blood sugar is out of control, I cannot pay attention and days go by and weight does not come off. I guess most of what I try to do is low glycemic food, including vegetables and protein. Adding yogurt to the Factor4 shakes also seems to help. If insulin really makes your body hold onto the fat stores, then lowering insulin spikes will let your body release fat stores and use the carbs in your diet for fuel.

Before factor4 my fasting blood sugar levels were in the range of 180 to 185. When fully on Factor4, 4 times a day, my fasting blood sugar falls to 103 to 106.

When I keep my blood sugar level within the normal range, I lose body weight. Steamed veggies are great but it is important to add protein throughout the day in 4 or 5 smaller meals. As the body weight has decreased this has relieved the degenerative disk in my vertebral column (lower back).

The Factor4 Diet also seems to have an anti-inflammatory component. When I pay attention, and lower my blood sugar, my arthritis inflammation goes away and do not have to take pain medication.

Taking Factor4 also helped me to stop smoking and to remain smoke free.  

Factor4 also healed up my dry, cracked and scaly skin.

I truly believe in Factor 4 as the protein shake I want to drink. Dr. Scheele has explained to me why Factor4 amino acid shakes are more than 10-times better than protein shakes. So I am happy that I have found the BEST.

Judith Grimes

  • Lost 40 Pounds!*

    • Migraines have disappeared
    • Feels 20 years younger
    • Coworkers all taking Factor4
  • Lost 35 Pounds!*

    • No cravings
    • Body now in better shape
    • Could not ask for more
  • Lost 30 Pounds!*

    • Factor4 has alleviated my Fibromyalgia
    • Previously bed-ridden
    • Now active and stretching
    • F4 has given me my life back

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