Lost 10 Pounds!*

Denise V.,

I am a breast cancer survivor for 6 years now. Half of my thyroid gland was removed years ago. Over the past 10 to 15 years I have been very undisciplined in my diet, opting for more and more fast foods. I also do my share of partying and I like wine and vodka. However, I was 10 to 12 pounds overweight with areas of cellulite that I did not like. I had a long history of dysfunctional menstrual cycles and difficulty in sleeping.

One of my friends told me about Factor4 Weight Control and Dr. Scheele who was conducting a weight loss study. I joined the study and began to take Factor4 shakes 3 times a day before meals and to relieve hunger attacks and food cravings. At 10 AM each day I take a double power shake as a meal replacement. Factor4 made me lose my obsession for food and caffeine and stimulated my natural interest in higher-quality foods,

In a few months I lost 8 to 10 pounds and lost unwanted weight in my waist, hips and thighs. I even lost cellulite. But I was amazed to see how many ways my overall health was improved. I have so much more energy I feel half my age. My friends cannot understand where all my energy comes from.


  • Lost 10 pounds. BMI decreased.
  • Lost cellulite.
  • Nutrition vastly improved. No longer takes caffeine. Cravings for ice cream, cakes and chocolates have disappeared. No longer gets sugar highs and lows or mid afternoon lulls.
  • Major increase in pep, energy and physical activity.
  • Sleep patterns dramatically improved. Mood stabilized. More mellow now.
  • Skin shows much better color and texture.
  • Hair thicker, with more body, improved texture and color. More frequent "good hair" days.
  • More restful sleep despite arising earlier.
  • More resistant to colds and viruses.
  • Improved digestive health with loss of acid reflux.
  • Improved sexual desire and activity with loss of weight and improvement in body health.
  • Recovery from alcohol binging dramatically accelerated.
  • Feels 10 to 15 years younger.


  • Lost 20 Pounds!*

    • Diabetes improved
    • Fasting blood sugar down by 30%
    • Insulin requirements decreased
    • Appetite reduced
    • Energy increased
  • I Lost 56 lbs

    • 4 Months on Factor4
    • Lost 56 lbs
    • Type-2 Diabetic
    • His Blood Chemistry Now Normal
  • Lost 17 Pounds!*

    • Reduced his BMI
    • Experienced an increase in energy strength and endurance
    • Experienced better digestion and less acid reflux

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